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Jaana Redflower Acoustic Rock Duo

Jaana Redflower Acoustick Rock Duo

Jaana Redflower is an alt-rock group from Germany. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jaana Redflower is known for the signature red flower in her hair, as well as a voice that is powerful, passionate, yet still sweet. Guitarist and percussionist Adrian Klawitter adds straight-ahead rock riffs.


For booking and press inquiries, please contact Jaana Redflower.
+49 0177 96 29 674


For the Live Video (Route 66, 25th of May 2018, video filmed by Georg Thomsen, Song: Vines of Soldiers), please click

Music Videos:

Stage Plot

Jaana Redflower
1 vocal mic
1 acoustic guitar DI
Adrian Klawitter
1 instrument mic for cajon
1 acoustic guitar DI


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Latest album «Tis Amunde San», 2019

Jaana Redflower drittes Album
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